Meet us at the 20th Annual Rustbelt RNA Meeting 2018

The Rustbelt RNA Meeting is a regional scientific meeting which, attracts scientists from throughout the Midwestern and Mid-Atlantic United States to discuss RNA-related biomedical research. This meeting is held annually since 1998, The twentieth annual Rustbelt RNA Meeting will be held in Renaissance Hotel located in Columbus, Ohio, USA during October 26th-27th, 2018. ExonanoRNA has proudly sponsored this meeting and will be available onsite to introduce our products and services, as well as to promote the research of RNA field. For more information, please see the website at:



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Advantages of RNA Nanoparticles for Therapy
  • -Negative charge disallows nonspecific permeation of negatively charged cell membrane

  • -Controlled synthesis provides defined structure and stoichiometry

  • -Multi-valency allows combination therapy and simultaneous targeting and detection

  • -Targeted delivery allows receptor mediated endocytosis

  • -Advantageous size (10 – 40 nm)

  • -Extended in vivo half-life (5-12 hr compared to 15-45 min for siRNA)

  • -Avoidance of antibody induction (protein-free) allows repeated treatment for chronic diseases

  • - Favorable pharmacokinetic profile in mice:

    • Half-life (T1/2) : 5-10 hr compared to 0.25-0.76 hr of siRNA counterpart;

    • Clearance (Cl): <0.13 l/kg/hr,

    • Volume of distribution (V(d)): 1.2 l/kg;

    • Does not induce interferon (IFN) response or cytokine production;

    • Repeated IV administrations of up to 30 mg/kg do not result in toxicity.

  • - RNA nanoparticles are classified as chemical drugs rather than biologics. This classification facilitates drug approval.

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