Meet us at GRC for RNA Nanotechnology: Nucleic Acid Architectures for Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Devices and Materials

The third Gordon Research Conference for RNA nanotechnology will be held from January 13-18, 2019 at the Four Points Sheraton/Holiday Inn Express at 1050 Schooner Drive in Ventura, CA, USA. This meeting is in a new biennial series that began in 2015. The conference promotes scientific exchange and fosters interdisciplinary collaborations between scientists working in diverse disciplines expanding fields of noncoding RNA and nucleic acids in extracellular vesicles all over the world. ExonanoRNA has proudly sponsored this meeting to promote the advancement of the RNA Nanotechnology field and its transition of application in pharmaceutical field. For more information, please visit the website at:


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Advantages of RNA Nanoparticles for Therapy
  • -Negative charge disallows nonspecific permeation of negatively charged cell membrane

  • -Controlled synthesis provides defined structure and stoichiometry

  • -Multi-valency allows combination therapy and simultaneous targeting and detection

  • -Targeted delivery allows receptor mediated endocytosis

  • -Advantageous size (10 – 40 nm)

  • -Extended in vivo half-life (5-12 hr compared to 15-45 min for siRNA)

  • -Avoidance of antibody induction (protein-free) allows repeated treatment for chronic diseases

  • - Favorable pharmacokinetic profile in mice:

    • Half-life (T1/2) : 5-10 hr compared to 0.25-0.76 hr of siRNA counterpart;

    • Clearance (Cl): <0.13 l/kg/hr,

    • Volume of distribution (V(d)): 1.2 l/kg;

    • Does not induce interferon (IFN) response or cytokine production;

    • Repeated IV administrations of up to 30 mg/kg do not result in toxicity.

  • - RNA nanoparticles are classified as chemical drugs rather than biologics. This classification facilitates drug approval.

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