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ExonanoRNA LLC was established in 2017 in Columbus, Ohio to fill the need for commercial supply of high-quality RNA nanoparticles for research and pre-clinical studies. We have assembled a team of experienced scientists to efficiently coordinate a multidisciplinary effort in transitioning bio-nanotechnology, and especially RNA nanotechnology, from the bench to the clinic. We develop a broad range of innovative products in the primary area of RNA nanotechnology-based platforms for next generation targeted drug delivery and disease diagnosis.

RNA Nanotechnology has great promise to facilitate next generation pharmaceutical research and drug development. Based on the pioneering work of Dr. Peixuan Guo’s research on RNA nanotechnology for more than 20 years (https://rnanano.osu.edu/Guo/peixuanguo.html ), RNA nanotechnology has shown to overcome limitations of conventional cancer therapeutics and to provide specific delivery of drugs (siRNA, miRNA and chemicals) at significantly enhanced therapeutic efficacy and reduced toxicity and side effects.

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Product and Services

ExonanoRNA is pleased to offer the best customized RNA nanoparticles with large scale and high purity. The RNA nanoparticles can be designed with desired modifications on backbones or bases (e.g. 2’O-Methyl, 2′-Fluoro, thioates, etc.), or with modifications (biotin, streptavidin, fluorophores, etc.).
Fluorescent labeled RNA nanoparticles can be used for in vitro and in vivo caner targeting study; RNA nanoparticles harboring functional therapeutics (siRNA, miRNA, chemical drug) can be used for in vitro and in vivo cancer inhibition study; customized RNA nanoparticles with difference modifications can be used for your specific needs of projects; customized siRNA Delivery via Exosomes can be a platform for the in vivo study of siRNA under your research.

  • Oligonucleotides

    modified oligonucleotides can be designed with desired modifications at the 3’ terminals, 5’ terminals or internal modifications with chemical groups, fluorophores, ligands and spacers.

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  • RNA Nanoparticles

    The functional Modules can be selected from below with any combination or stoichiometry according to your requirement:
    1. Targeting Ligands: aptamers or chemical ligands;
    2. Imaging Module: Fluorescent or radiolabeled;
    3. Therapeutics Module: siRNA, miRNA, anti-miRNA, chemical drugs.

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  • Exosome research

    Our platform of RNA nanoparticles decorated exosomes can increase its targeting efficiency to specific cancer cells thus the targeted siRNA delivery efficiency. Please consult us for loading your siRNA to the RNA NPs decorated exosomes for your research projects.

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For Investors

Advantages of RNA Nanoparticles for Therapy
  • -Negative charge disallows nonspecific permeation of negatively charged cell membrane

  • -Controlled synthesis provides defined structure and stoichiometry

  • -Multi-valency allows combination therapy and simultaneous targeting and detection

  • -Targeted delivery allows receptor mediated endocytosis

  • -Advantageous size (10 – 40 nm)

  • -Extended in vivo half-life (5-12 hr compared to 15-45 min for siRNA)

  • -Avoidance of antibody induction (protein-free) allows repeated treatment for chronic diseases

  • - Favorable pharmacokinetic profile in mice:

    • Half-life (T1/2) : 5-10 hr compared to 0.25-0.76 hr of siRNA counterpart;

    • Clearance (Cl): <0.13 l/kg/hr,

    • Volume of distribution (V(d)): 1.2 l/kg;

    • Does not induce interferon (IFN) response or cytokine production;

    • Repeated IV administrations of up to 30 mg/kg do not result in toxicity.

  • - RNA nanoparticles are classified as chemical drugs rather than biologics. This classification facilitates drug approval.